Ardor (ARDR) vs Bitcoin
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Ardor stands for advanced NXT 2.0 blockchain-as-a-service platform that implements sophisticated child chain technology along with proven features wildly exploited in NXT 1.0 ( i.e. NXT ) environment. The main or basic chain of this platform will utilize Ardor (ARDR) token distributed (in the form of relevant asset) among nexters on October 12, 2016 in conformity with the average total amount of Nxt in their wallet/s traced on hourly base since July 14. The Ardor asset will be converted then to relevant token in the mid of 2017, date when full Ardor platform will be released.

It may not be clear why it is worth the trouble to develop new blockcain platform. There are several reasons:

  • Ardor design in dividing the single blockchain that holds the whole history of all possible transactions with their simultaneous validations into connected main and child chains challenges the problem of blockchain bloating presently intrinsic in cryptocurrency realm.
  • Creating the new child chains (with its own tokens in circulation) that communicate with the main one gives an opportunity to avoid redundant usage of the main token, which makes the whole platform easier to manage.
  • Dividing a long single blockchain into main one and linked child chains allows one to separate the token of the main chain used to provide both integrity and security from the tokens pertaining to operational transactions.
  • Well-designed child chains are reusable. Once developed and debugged they can be used with few or even no modification for various operational transactions while the code of main blockchain remains intact.

By mid of 2017 the first child chain equipped with IGNIS token will be created by the team of NXT core developers to house both major Nxt 1.0 tools and future Ardor features. ALL nexters will get IGNIS free according to NXT in their wallet/s in proportion 1IGNIS = 2NXT. Having this token one can use NXT 2.0 platform to pay people, cast vote, trade assets etc. As to the Ardor token itself it will only have the power of validation and forging, but it can not be used for anything else - it is designed to circulate only inside the main blockchain just keeping the whole structure safe and holistic.