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Paying, changing, trading and accepting cryptocurrency is so common these days, that it is amazing to think that just over 7 years ago it was simply a dream. Today, for many people cryptocoins are the necessity. Reliable and secure financial platform capable to add Payment Gateway/POS for online and offline stores is also a necessity for both merchants and buyers. COSS claims to be one power solution to meet their needs. It has already attracted serious investors. Why we think they make the right decision to invest. First this next generation financial service is designed to encompass all features of a digital economical system based on cryptocurrency that is to be secure, reliable and fast. Second it is very sustainable and can support regional markets in an era of increasingly globalized finance, and finally it is very friendly to customers.

The phased roll-out of COSS ecosystem found in whitepaper seems to be very realistic and extremely valuable to have stakeholders on their side. The most exciting aspect of it is that virtually everyone has the option to support COSS progress by getting COSS token - a revenue-generating cryptocurrency, developed on the Ethereum Blockchain and followed ERC20 standard - and thereby also contribute to crypto-community growth and competitiveness.

Having in store the Pament Gateway, Merchant POSS, Exchange platform and Cryptocurrency wallet ( all already have being launched) as well as high professional team, COSS combines the best practices from decentralized approaches to financial system.