Exscudo - EON based gateway between the traditional monetary framework and the crypto market
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Paying, changing, trading and accepting cryptocurrency is so common these days, that it is amazing to think that just over 7 years ago it was simply a dream. Today, for many people cryptocoins are the necessity. Reliable and secure financial platform capable to bridge traditional financial market and cryptoworld is also a necessity for those people. Exscudo claims to be one power solution to meet their needs. It has already attracted serious investors. Why we think they make the right decision to invest. First this next generation financial system is designed to be secure, reliable and fast. Second it is very sustainable and can support regional capital markets in an era of increasingly globalized finance, and finally it is very friendly to both users and 3rd parties developers who will be interested in Exscudo platform.

Exscudo combines the best practices from both centralized and decentralized approaches to financial system
The basic components of Exscudo (and its nuances) can be listed as follows.

    1. The Exscudo Exchange which prevents the user account from funds depletion until all operations on the exchange are finished and maintains the most favorable exchange rate for all types of currencies. It is a core fore liquidity of the whole system and is connected to all services via decentralized EON blockchain*.
    2. Exscudo Wallet, decentralized multi-currency chat-wallet capable to send your transactions within the chat via secure communications
    3. A charts server reflecting the exchange listings in real time and other relevant data.
    4. Cryptocoin Debit card which allows owner access his/her account in the Exscudo wallet and is planned to be accepted all over the world at ATM or in the closest store.
    5. Merchant is one of the fastest, safest, and least expensive payment tools and its main purpose is to receive payments from any point of the world seamlessly and instantly using cryptocurrencies
*EON blockchain is a separate product and fueled by EON coin.

Having over four years of development Escudo is steadily reshaping the monetary landscape for industry and business.