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Trading cryptocurrencies is so common these days, that it is amazing to think that just over a few years ago it was simply a dream. Today, for many institutional investors as well as ordinary people such activity is the necessity. Reliable and secure trading platform capable to add well established principles to secure that activity and make it profitable is also a necessity. In the trading management sector, well-established principles of sustainable management are often not followed for various personal and lobbyist reasons. As result, millions of traders affected by complex emergencies remained dependent on helpdesk assistance pertaining to existing exchanges.

FoxTrading ( claims to be one power solution to meet basic needs of both traders and investors. Capital flows into this project points to the arrival of rather serious investors to FOXT (Fox Trading Tokens). When making investments into trading, with its roller coaster cycles, serious investors are seeking long-term stability and value, not failure and instability. It was also noticed that investors are seeking to diversify their sources and have determined that the trading sector is not only a potentially lucrative one but also represents a huge market, with enormous potential for growth.

For all traders acceptable trading platform means immediate access to proven trading techniques that are immediately put to use to increase profits.

Why we think this time both traders and investors are right when making the decision to invest into FoxTrading.

First, FoxTrading is based on innovative approach that reduces the psychological effect of trading by offering fully automated trading system which is stable as underlying AI. The last has an extraordinary perfomance and yet, it is also amazingly balanced. Needless to say that the psychological effect of a long unsuccessful trading is devastating for the person concerned. It is well established fact confirmed by numerous medical studies.

Second all investors holding FOXT tokens (intrinsic token of FoxTrading) will receive exclusive trading signals, monthly dividends from the Trading Pool with no further investment required, and finally, FoxTrading UI is very friendly to customers.

The phased roll-out of FoxTrading ecosystem found in whitepaper seems to be very realistic and extremely valuable to have stakeholders on their side. The most exciting aspect of it is that virtually everyone has the option to support its progress by getting FOXT tokens (developed on the Ethereum Blockchain and followed to ERC20 standard) and thereby to contribute to crypto-community growth and competitiveness. FOXT is fully compliant with US regulations, so both private persons and institutions are eligible.

To invest one should register on FoxTrading offical site (, go to dashboard, access personal account and provide personal ETH address with controllable private key ( addresses taken from any exchange do not fit this rule). Once ETH are send to FoxTrading's Crowdsale Contract address the sending address will automatically receive Fox Trading tokens (FOXT).

In summary, FoxTrading implements the best practices from trading environment. Traders can learn from a plethora of trading strategies, fortify skills , can get better services and be more profitable. Having access to the quantitative data they will have the ability to apply lessons learned to identify and analyze trends, and avoid problems traditionally associated with trading activity.

Sales dates: Feb 7, 2018 to Apr 2018.

Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH.

Soft cap: $500,000

Hard cap: $20,000,000

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