How to get Nxt into your wallet.

You can fill your wallet with NXT coins by a few ways. Free NXT faucet lets you request the small amounts of a coins for free. All you need for this is an account on the site. To create this put into login field the ID of your wallet in NXT-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx format and password for the account (do not use the passphrase for your NXT wallet!). After entering the site you will play lossless game for free. The reward is up to 1000 NXT!

NXT coins may be also bought in many places. Cryptsy is the largest exchange that offers the ability to buy NXT coins (as well as many other ones).

You may also contribute your skills to community and get free NXT for this. List of required activities includes marketing, advertising, service/product offering, code optimization.

And finally your wallet may forge the NXT coins that is generate the block for whole network and get reward of transaction fees included in that block. But for this your wallet must not be empty.