New era of payments comes with Minexcoin (MNC)
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At present, the area of every domestic payment services is in great needs of a stable low-volatility cryptocurrency with fixed annual growth. Minexcoin (MNC) claims to be one power solution to meet this need via smart embedded algorithm based on predetermined formulas, written by professional economists. By introducing the instant payment applications as Minex Market, Minex Exchange, and Minex Platform, the Minex Ecosystem objective is to expand the coin’s sphere of circulation, thereby supporting demand for it among participants of the crypto-payments market.

Minex coin ICO has already attracted very serious investors. They are attracted by almost zero-lost-value of electronic payments in all payment situations the Minex Platform offers. Ultimately, this will provide consumers with cheaper services offering better customer experiences, improve the financing situation of online-businesses and reduce the social costs of payments. The most exciting aspect of it is that virtually everyone has the option to follow its progress and thereby also contribute to crypto-community growth and competitiveness.