Gulden (NLG) vs Bitcoin
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Due to a strong level of acceptance among Dutch businesses (restaurants, subways,taxi, booking agencies to name only a few ) Gulden (NLG) , an initially-Netherlands-focused cryptocurrency, has shown an impressive boost in market capitalization in 2016.

Behind the scenes NLG uses the adapted password-based key derivation function called Scrypt in order to authenticate blocks of transaction data and compute the PoW hashes. It gives this coin the sturdy base for safety and security. Besides, it brings to bear the sophisticated adjusting technique ( so called Kimoto gravity well ) to regulate the number of blocks which contribute to the evaluation of the new difficulty of computation thus making it more versatile compared to other script-based altcoins (LTC for example).

However, it is not, as might initially be assumed, that advanced design of NLG credits basically its grows in the market cap and volume. In fact it coming from the rapid extension of the coin's audience to plenty of new users outside the crypto community, remarkably, all over the world . This is the right way for any cryptocoin to survive. The massive NLG expansion is facilitated by mobile Gulden app, available currently for IOS and Android, that allows to pay with NLG (or with BTC itself) at every Bitcoin merchant and even wire fiat money to any IBAN/SEPA QR code. All money go through integrated Nocks payment system to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair transfers. Gulden has the potential to become a top 5 coin in a very short space of time.