Shuffling of NXT coins

When you make transactions over the NXT network all their details ( particularly both source and destination addresses) stay permanent on the block chain, so, theoretically, after some research anyone is able to pair them with concrete persons. If the privacy is your main concern you can mix efficiently your coins (or part of them) with other users' funds using the Coin Shuffling feature, active since block 621,000.

To use this feature you need to connect your NXT client to NXT server and click on Shuffling in the left-pane menu area of the client interface. This will cause Active Shufflings, My Shufflings and Create Shufling submenu to appear.

To start session of coins mixing:

    1. Click create Shuffling.
    2. Put into Holding Type field of the opened window any token you want to mix. These tokens may be NXT itself, NXT Asset (you need to put it ID) or the name of Currency based on NXT