Nxt wallet

To keep coins you need wallet. In BTC world the wallet is a file (wallet.dat) on computer accessible by pertaining client (specialized software). NXT utilizes other concept called brainwallet i.e. all your money are always kept in blockchain while the NXT client has access to them via pass-phrase. In simple term you may consider the NXT wallet as a pass-phrase interrelated with NXT account, that holds your coins. This is a great concept as you are able to control you coins from any device (even from mobile phone) and not bother yourself about availability of your wallet.dat on that device. Besides you can forget about threats coming from viruses, Trojans and hackers hunting for wallet.dat. The only thing you need to bother of is the complexity of passphrase you choose for the wallet as the weak one can be easily hacked. Here are the simple steps to follow to create NXT wallet and access it from your computer:

    1. Make sure your have the latest java environment on your computer.
    2. Go to the official NXT site, download and install NXT client relevant to OS on your computer.
    3. Run installed client. (In fact when you run it the NXT server will start first and it will take awhile to synch with network and download the whole block chain. Nevertheless, it is onetime procedure. You can accelerate this by downloading zipped blockchain directly from the official NXT site and unzip it directly into NXT directory installed).
    4. After awhile launch your favorite browser and enter the web client interface via
    5. In opened "Welcome to Nxt" window click "Returning user?" Do not choose "New? Create new account" as in this case you will not be able to enter your own passphrase but instead the client will generate it for you.
    6. In opened window click human sign. "Your Passphrase fild will appear".
    7. In opened window click human sign. "Your Passphrase" field will appear.
    8. Put into "Your Passphrase" field the passphrase you have chosen. Secret phrase can be any 100 unicode chars. The passphrase you use is very critical for wallet security. So. make it as complex as possible by using in random order all the keyboard keys. (If a passphrase generates an address that is already in use on the network, NXT client will inform you that you can not use it.) Needless to say you must remember this passphrase. (Good password manager is right hand for this purpose.)
    9. Click arrow sign.

In the upper-left corner of the opened wallet you will see the address of your wallet in the format of NXT-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. Now you can send coins to/from this wallet.